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Scale Review - September 2005

CMDi Congratulates Brian Lepinski for his "MAC powered" Most Improved Driver distinction.

"MAC's helped me to my best season ever in RCU. Finishing 13th overall with 9580 points. With that I was awarded the most improved driver for 2005. With a new boat for next year I am looking to crack the top ten."

- Brian Lepinski

Scale Review - September 2005

MAC's dominate at the annual Oh Boy! Oberto - Bill Muncey Memorial 1/8th scale unlimited hydroplane race held in San Diego, CA. 4 out of 6 Main qualifiers brandished MAC motors. Impressive showing for Ted McKay's first time out, running a MAC 67 powered Velasco hull. Ted made the Main with the confidence that MAC 67's power and reliability bring to the table.

-- "Velasco hulls all with Mac 67 motors finished 1-2-3 in the Main. Glen Burkard with his Mac powered Pay-n-Pack made a very strong showing to qualify for the Main also".

Order of finish
1st Henry Velasco (MAC 67 Power)
2nd Russel Stark (MAC 67 Power)
3rd Ted McKay (MAC 67 Power)

- Henry Velasco

Scale Review - September 2005

Congratulations to Phil Thomas for winning the IMPBA 2005 District 4 points race with his MAC powered 1/8 scale!

"Hey Just won the IMPBA 2005 Dist 4 season points race. Won 4 out of 5 heats to win the dist 4 championship race Sept 3-4-2005. The Mac 67 is really working well in my boat speed and fast throttle response when it is needed."

"Here are the major trophies I won this year with the '79 Atlas Van Lines Indiania Govenors Cup, IMPBA Dist4 Season Point Cup, Illini Cup, IMPBA Dist14 Season Points trophy. This boat was built using Roger Newton plans about 1985 and was refitted in 2004 and 2005. The boat/motor/setup, seemed to come together this year and it was hard to beat. I have to thank CMDI MAC motors..."


Scale Review - August 2005

Congratulations to Mike Schindler for placing 4th overall with his MAC powered 1/8th scale unlimited hydroplane at the 2005 IMPBA Internats. This is quite an impressive overall finish for a boat that has just hit the water for the first time!

"I took my new 1973 U-8 Redman vintage round nose, and placed 4th the first time out of the box and won concourse."
- Mike

Scale Review - April 2005

Hi Andy,

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that both of my MAC's I bought from you 3 years ago are still going strong, as of the 2nd race of the season I am 11th in points.  I wish I had a boat that would handle the power, I might be up there higher. The MAC motor is by far the best motor I've ever used.  Enclosed are pic's of my 1974 U-77 Country Boy weighing in at 12.5 pounds that was built in 1976 by Mike Phillips of Seattle Washington.  Hard to believe it is in awesome shape for its age.  Hope to see you come to a race again, I had a blast when you helped me with the Weisfeilds.

Brian A Lepinski

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