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CMD Racing is proud of our progress as well as those of you who have chosen our products to achieve their own success. As document to our success, we have accrued quite a list of record breaking performance that grows with each new season of racing.

We congratulate those competitors that have allowed CMD Racing to be a part their tremendous effort of being the very best. At every revolution of the prop, every pop of the cylinder, and every splash of a roostertail, we will continue our vision of raising the bar of performance and competition.

Congratulations to all on a job well done.
Current as of Jan. 7, 2003
IMPBA 1/16th Mile SAW
7.5cc Hydro Andy Brown 109.626mph 2/21/98 Eagle SG MAC 45
11cc Hydro Andy Brown 115.207mph 11/21/01 Eagle SG MAC 67
30cc Hydro Andy Brown 120.579mph 11/19/01 Eagle SG MAC 84
1/8th Scale
Gary Preusse 84.52mph 11/17/01 MAC 67
Gas Hydro
Foster/Roodvoets 95.633mph 11/12/05 Eagle SGX
IMPBA 1/3 Mile 2 Lap Oval
3.5cc Mono Jerry Crowther 26.49 sec. 10/21/01 MAC 21
3.5cc Hydro John Brown 18.86 sec. 2/24/02 Eagle SGX MAC 21
7.5cc Hydro John Brown 18.59 sec. 2/24/02 Eagle SG MAC 45
11cc Hydro John Brown 17.92 sec. 11/21/99 Eagle SG MAC 67
1/8th Scale
Gary Preusse 23.38 sec. 11/18/00 MAC 67
Gas Hydro
Brad Foster 28.171 sec. 10/05/02 SGX
NAMBA 1/16th Mile SAW
B Mono Erik McNair 72.32mph 1/1/02 MAC 45
C Mono Erik McNair 74.72mph 1/1/02 MAC 67
X Mono Erik McNair 70.31mph 1/1/02 MAC 84
A Hydro Erik McNair 84.49mph 5/1/99 Eagle SG
G1-Hydro Mike Hoffmeister 82.87mph 1/1/02 Eagle SG
G2-Hydro Mike Hoffmeister 72.72mph 1/1/02 Eagle SG
GX1-Hydro Mike Hoffmeister 80.21mph 1/1/02 Eagle SG
GX2-Hydro Mike Hoffmeister 83.92mph 1/1/02 Eagle SG
NAMBA 6 Lap 1 Mile Oval
Sport 21 Jim Wilson 88.79 sec. 9/2/02 MAC 21
30cc Mono Erik McNair 83.49 sec. 3/1/02 MAC 84
11cc Hydro Roger Hooks, Jr. 61.00 sec. 10/15/02 Eagle SGX MAC 67
30cc Hydro Wayne
59.00 sec. 5/1/99 Eagle SG
NAMBA 2 Lap Oval
A Hydro Erik McNair 20.29 sec. 5/1/99 Eagle SG
B Hydro Steve O'Donnell 17.58 sec. 10/1/00 Eagle SG
C Hydro Andy Brown 18.14 sec. 5/1/99 Eagle SG
AMPBA (Australia) 1/16th Mile SAW
C Hydro Aaron Alberico 98mph 4/28/02 Eagle SG
AMPBA (Australia) 1/3 Mile 2 Lap Oval
C Hydro Aaron Alberico 17.91 sec. 5/26/02 Eagle SG
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