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All AB and Brown pipes to have Pressure Fittings
From this time forward, all AB and Brown pipes will be supplied with a pressure fitting installed.

In addition, all the current Brown 21 pipes are have less restrictive stingers for more rpm and improved hot weather performance.

For those interested in information on the Brown 21 Long pipe, please see the Tuned Pipes page, as it has been added.

The Brown 21 Fat Pipe
We are proud to present the newest 21 pipe in our line up; the Brown 21 FAT pipe. This pipe has been designed by Andy using all of his vast experience to develop a pipe which is able to produce more overall midrange and top end power with no sacrifice in launch ability and bottom end transition for most engine and hull combinations. Initial tests are proving that out of corner acceleration is more explosive and top end is increased with no other changes to boat, prop, or engine.

For more information on Andy Brown High Performance Pipes, click here.

World Champion Eagle SGX-One now available!
The Eagle SGX-One offers improved driving precision. The SGX-One is available in the .21 size only. Larger EagleSGX series will remain as-is with no changes in the near future.

CMD Aftermarket Carbs now available!
Need an aftermarket carb for your .21 inboard? CMD now has an aftermarket MAC carburetor that fits MAC, CMB, Novarossi, & Picco

. . . . . .
(black) & 9mm (silver) barrel carbs - $65.00.

Flat slide CMB carb for 21 inboards. - ONLY $35.00!

CMD Custom Designed Flex Shafts now available!
CMD custom designed flex shafts are now available in standard and custom lengths. Welded stub shaft and milled flat spots for set screws. Assembled shafts with tapered drive dogs are also available. Square drive coming soon!

CMD Merchandise now available!
Not only can you beat the competition out on the course, but now you can impress them off the course as well, with new CMD competition clothing. Click here to shop our store. Be one of the first to race in style at the course today!

New MAC 21 Off Road
The much anticipated MAC 21 Off Road engines are now in stock and available! The price for these engines is $339. Early testing says these new MAC's will be in the winners circle very soon.

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