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Bushed Drum Housing

Steel Rod with Needle Bearing and Top Bushing

Dynamically balanced Drum Valve

Large cooling capacity for Sport hydro's & Vee's

5 Transfers with Piston Ports

Incorporates Sonic Flow exhaust
porting Developed by Andy Brown
Bore: 21.2mm
Stroke: 21.1mm
Rod Length: 39mm
Carburator: 12mm
Displacement: 7.5cc
RPM: 26,000 - 30,000
Horse Power: 4.2 - 5.0
Current Records
NAMBA 45 Mono SAW - 72.32 mph.

IMPBA 45 Hydro SAW - 109.86 mph.

IMPBA 45 Hydro 1/3 mi. Oval-18.59 sec.

2002 NAVIGA World Champion
Use Brown 45 parabolic pipe set 9.5" (center of cylinder to weld).

Head Clearance - .008"

Nitro - 60%
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