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Junior Boaters

At CMDI, junior (18 & under) boaters are #1. We know that tomorrow's leaders, in all areas of R/C Boating, will come from today's junior members. We encourage all boaters to be role models for our junior membership, to encourage and guide them.

CMDI's own Andy Brown had role models and hero's at the age of 16 when he built his first Dumas Dragonfly.
"The list of mentors is extensive" says Andy, "but some names that come to mind are Jim Whitlatch, Ed Hughey, Don Pinckert, John Ackerman, Herb Stewart, Marten Davis, Tom Pretzfeld, Mike Meelbush, Gary Preusse, Frank Ward, Ed Fisher. These where some of the fast guys 30 years ago. That's what got my attention, and I devoured every piece of information I could get from them. I still use a trick today that I learned from Jim Whitlatch over 30 years ago."

We encourage today's junior boaters to set goals to become better, smarter and faster than the leaders of today. To host better racing events and to develop stronger more efficient organizations. We encourage them to investigate ways to make R/C boating better for everyone.

To this goal, juniors, we at CMDI challenge you and we salute you in your effort.

One day some of them may be members of the "CMD Racing 200mph Club".

Good Boating,

Junior Boaters - March 26 2006

This young Puerto Rican boater proudly displays his MAC 21 powered mono complete with Andy Brown autograph.

Junior Boaters - November 19 2005

"Hi, I am 10 years old and I have been running boats for 2 full seasons. The boat I am holding is my Dad's and he has said that I get to race this Boat for the 2007 season as long as he doesn't destroy it. The RedBull is my boat with a Mac.21 in it. The lynx with a Mac.21 is my Dad's.

My Dad won Season high points in .21 Hydro and .21 Mod tunnel with those boats both with Mac motors. He likes CMD stuff as we always get packages from you guys."

Junior Boaters - October 10 2005

At 9 years old, this junior boater already has two years experience racing B OPC with the adults. He said that what he likes the most about R/C boating is how he can drive his boat and have fun. He likes to win but he also has fun when he doesn't win. He hopes that next year Daddy will build him a B mod or maybe run in the A hydro class as a team with his Dad.

Junior Boaters - August 15 2005

"Hi, next month I will be 7 years old. I already started to practice at the lake with my dad. After Christmas or a couple months later I might start racing. It's really cool driving my boat because it has a cool paint job. When I hit the side of the lake my boat looked totally dead and then my boat pulled out of the weeds. It came back to us even though it hit a rock. It didn't get any scratches at all."

Junior Boaters - September 2003

This is a picture of my daughter who ran the 45 Eagle today, but it went so fast that she immediatly handled me the transmitter. She is 12 years old and is going to race in our league this year.

Junior Boaters - August 2003

This junior boater started racing when he was 5 years old.
"Hi! I am 7 years old. I have been racing for two years, I think. I used to race with the "Kid's R Boaters 2" class in our District but now I race with the big guys. I like coming to the races because their are lots of kids to play with. In between races we play Pokemon Cards, Game Boy and watch movies on my dad's DVD player in his trailer. My friend comes to the races a lot too, so we get to play and race all day. That's cool!"

"Hi! I am 9 years old. I race outboards. I like racing because I get to race my boat with my dad. Sometimes I win first place and I like that too. My dad likes it too. I also like to play with my friend because we can watch movies in the his dad's trailer."

Junior Boaters - April 2003

This junior boater started racing when he was 10 years old.
"This will be my third year racing starting in the 2003 season. This is my second year racing a Speedmaster hull powered by a MAC .21 engine. I took 3rd overall in District 2 B mono 2 years in a row. I hope to do well this year also. My pitman / owner (dad) works real hard to keep me running up in front. He puts in a lot of hard hours to keep this this fine boat running."

"I started going with dad to boat races 2 years ago. He said we are going to 10 races this year. My boat is blue and white and has an outboard engine. I won my first race and got 3rd place last year, but lost a lot of others cause my boat stopped. I am 7 years old now and dad said if I can drive my boat by myself this year he may get me a better boat cause I want to win more races and my little brother can have this slow boat."

"Hi I'm 7 years old and this is my first racing season. I attended the New Orleans race in March and took 2nd place. I plan on racing until I'm an ol' man. I ran a 21 mono w/ Mac 21. And can't wait for the hydro's to go way FASTER."

Junior Boaters - January 2003

With a MAC powered Microburst, this youth will be competing for the mono high point series in his local club this year. He'll be sure to have plenty of power for his boat with the MAC engine in it. At 11 years old this will be his second season racing boats. He raced in the novice class last year and will be competing in IMPBA's 20 mono championship. His boat is a Fabbro built Microburst with Mac 21 power which is quieted with an Andy Brown parabolic pipe. As always, he uses CMDI props.

This is a picture of my little girl at age 9, with her own sport 20. She ran her boat for the first time at the end of last summer. Seems she want to follow her ''old man's'' foot steps!! Sure makes me a happy camper. She will be an active member for the first time this year ( local club ). Can't wait to enjoy those precious moments.
- A proud dad.

All juniors (18 & under ) are encouraged to submit photos of their boats (any kind), themselves, and any projects they are working on.

Also tell us about races that you competed in, even if you didn't win a trophy. Be sure to tell us all about yourself and how you got started in boating too.

Kids, send us a pic of you and your boat and tells us all about it and we'll send you a $30 gift certificate that you can use at CMDi.

Please submit information by email to

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