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CMD Hardware kits are designed specifically for the Eagle SGX. From the custom stainless tank system to the high quality rudder assembly, the Hardware kit includes everything needed to complete your 80% or 90% SGX. (Strut is omitted for 90% SGX.)

CMD Hardware is well suited for many R/C boat applications.
All items are available individually.

New Large Rudder Assemblies
Two new CMDi large rudders assemblies have been added to our lineup, giving you three to choose from. Set backs now available are 1.125", 1.5" and 3.0".

The 1.125" unit has a 1.25" wide base. The 1.5" and 3.0" units have a wider 1.75" base for addition mounting stability.

These new steering systems are sold complete with rudder blade or as individual parts. They are fully symetrical and can be use on the left or right. Longer setbacks coming soon!

Large Rudder Assemblies
Large Rudder Assembly for Sport Gas Hydros, 1/8th Scale Hydros, Crackerbox, Jersey Speedskif, Cats and other hulls requiring short transom off set. Symmetrically centered design works on left or right. Comes standard with 6061- T6 single water pickup blade and shear pin. Dual water pickup, no water pickup and 7075-T6 blade options available.

CMDi rudder assemblies and blades are back in stock
We have added a wider range of blades too.

Blades sizes availible are as follows; 0.9" X 4.4", 1.0" X 4.4", 1.0" X 5.1", 1.0" X 5.6" 1.1" X 5.1", 1.1" X 5.3", 1.1 X 5.6", and 1.2" X 6.0". 1.2" X 6.0" w/ Dual pick-up.

CMDi blades are made from 7075 -T6 which has 90% greater yield (bending) strength than the 6061-T6 commonly used by other hardware manufactures. This allows us to make thinner blades.

7075-T6 is triple the cost of 6061 and is much tougher to machine resulting in a higher cost part, but the performance improvement well justifies the extra cost.

CMDi pivot and transom brackets are also lighter due to the use of stronger material.

CMDi Motor Mount Systems
CMDi Motor Mount Systems now available in Small for the .21 - 45 engine size and Large for the .67- .90 engines. Small .21- .45 has 2" bolt spacing and are drilled and tapped for MAC, Picco, Novarossi & CMB .21- .45. Specify engine when ordering.

Large Motor Mount System .67- .90 has 3" bolt spacing. Clearanced for the the CMB 91 Zimmerman Valve and flywheels. Pre-drilled & tapped for Picco, MAC 67/84, CMB 67/80, CMB 90, & K-90. Specify engine when ordering.

           Fuel Tank: (Stainless with sump tank)

Strut: Anti-Walk

CMDi Big Bore Pressure Fittings
CMDi Big Bore Pressure Fittings are now available. Made from 7075-T6 Aluminum with Stainless Steel nut. These fittings are light weight and strong and provide good pressure for any engine size.

Pipe Braket

Flex Shaft: CMD with flats for set screws

CMDi Shaft Bushings
CMDi Shaft Bushings are back in stock. These Shaft Bushings are precision machined from solid billet. Available for 1/4" or 3/16" shafts.

Shaft Log

Fuel Line

Kwik Switch Mount

           Antennae Mast

           Bulkhead Fittings

           Linkages & Push Rods

           Waterproof Seals

Start Belts

CMDi Bullet Nosed Drive Dogs
3/16" x .365 Bullet Nosed Drive Dogs are now available from CMDi. These Drive Dogs are available in either Stainless Steel or 7075-T6 Aluminum.

Kits Available for the following Hulls

.15 Eagle SGX
.21 Eagle SGX
.45 Eagle SGX
.67 Eagle SGX
.80 Eagle SGX
.90 Eagle SG
Twin 67-80 Eagle SGX
Twin 90 Eagle SG

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