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"Thought I would let you know how pleased I am with the MAC motors I have bought from you. At the moment I am concentrating on my 1/8th Scale hydro....I have a reading of max speed of 60 MPH...Boat weighs 14LBs."
-Merv, New Zealand

" By the way, I am having ZERO problems with these motors this year. Three first places and 2 2nd places in F mono this year and my scale is outstandingingly fast. Many jealous boaters. Swinging a 57x76 very nicely in 14 lbs." -Pete

MAC-World Champion Racing Engines

CMD Racing is proud of the performance and durability that our MAC engines deliver. They are true performance machines that have been engineered to satisfy the grueling demands of fierce competitors. Our Mac Engines hold several, Straight-Line, 2 Lap, and Heat Racing records in IMPBA, NAMBA, and APBA. New records are set month after month, as more and more new users put them to use within their own arsenal of high performance powerplants.

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