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Competition Marine Designs, Inc.
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CMD Racing High Performance Propellers

Whether you race, set records, or cruise the back yard pond with your electric cruiser. We can supply you with the propeller that will extract maximum potential from your engine and hull. A properly tuned propeller can improve handling tremendously and increase speed as much as 10 mph over the same stock propeller.

We Stock
ABC, Octura, & Prather

  • Custom Cupping
  • Profiling
  • Sharpening
  • Balancing

Allow us to help you achieve your maximum potential. Ask us about customizing a prop to fit your application.

Customer Comments:

Thanks for the wheels. The three blade is great... Sorry you could not make the race - I had ALL of the Scales [including the competition] propped with your propellers. Kind of stupid on my part to make the competition faster, but it made for some great racing.
You should be getting a few more calls for motors and props."

"I just received the props I ordered from CMD and all I can say is WOW! I was looking all over for someone who would provide the service I was wanting to have done but everyone I contacted either didn't provide the service or had just gotten out of the prop business. I asked who they could recommend and Andy Brown and CMD was the first place mentioned by all of them. I was under the impression that 'you guys' were a little pricey but turns out you were less expensive than any of them and the service and customer support was perfect. I'll definitely be calling again!"
Terrance L. Nissen

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