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Decades of Dedication

CMD Racing has dedicated decades of research and development to the advancement of R/C marine products. Our focus is to develop leading edge yet reliable equipment that is, not only race-ready, but also "win-ready", directly from our manufacturing facilities. As a result of our pain-staking hard work and years of relentless effort we were the first R/C Marine products manufacture to break the 100mph barrier in IMPBA. Since then, we have succeeded in officially exceeding 200 KPH (126 mph). Our accomplishments also include several National and World Championships. In our second year, 1987, our 67 Mongoose rigger was IMPBA US-1 National Champion and the Twin 67 Mongoose won the Top Gun Twin race at the IMPBA Internats that year. Since that time CMD (Andy Brown) riggers have won more major races and set more S.A.W. and Oval records than any other manufacture. Our hull roster begins with the Mongoose 1986-90, Eagle 1990-94, Jaguar 1994-95 (for Tidewater), Eagle SG 1996-2002, Eagle SGX 2002--.

In 1999 we began collaboration with a major Italian engine manufacture in the pursuit of producing the most competitive racing engine "out of the box". The task has proven to be a challenge, but we are now proud of our line of MAC Racing Engines that deliver strength and reliability, as well as record breaking performance in every class. We can now say that MAC racing Engines currently hold more records than any other engine brand in their class.

We also provide custom props for any racing condition. We believe in tuning your prop to the boat. This gives you the optimum results from your existing set-up.

CMD Racing also delivers the Leading Edge Tuned Pipe Technology of Andy Brown with pipes for a growing number of applications. In the first year of production Andy Brown Tuned Pipes have broken several speed records and won many championships.

Our expanding line of custom hardware is second to none in design and quality.

All in all, we strive to provide both the serious competitors as well as leisure hobbyist consistent and reliable equipment right out of the box.

Our relentless effort to be the best will continue.

Good Boating,

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