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Breaking News - Nov 30, 2007

AB Billet 90/100 news

We just received this report about the new AB Billet 90/100 pipe from Henry Velasco!

"Sending photos of my SGX Gas boat with the QD Hi riv 25 -- the 90/100 billet pipe out performs QD,s pipe hands down."

Have a great day


Breaking News - Oct 17, 2006

Prop Wall Update

The Prop Wall has been updated and is now current. Please check to see if the prop you want is available. As always, feel free to place a special order for your props.

Happy Boating!

Breaking News - Aug 10, 2006

Prop Wall Update

The Prop Wall is currently undergoing some changes. Please check back for future updates. As always, continue to feel free to place your prop orders.

Happy Boating!

Breaking News - Apr 12, 2006

Donna is back at CMDi!

Hi Everyone,
Glad to announce that I am back after the last couple of years due to some health issues. But, I am getting better, and I am looking forward to talking with many of you once again. I have a lot of experience with boats (especially the SG / SGX), engines, props and can answer many of your questions (comes with the territory since I am Andy Brown's other half LOL). I used to race boats in the mid 80's and actually won 20 Hydro at the 1987 Orlando Winternats against 30 of the best 20 hydro drivers of that era. So give me a call, 386-208-1036 or email at I'll do my best to help anyway I can. I am here M-F from 9-2. Looking forward to an exciting new year.

Let's go racing, Donna

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