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Breaking News - Sept 14, 2005

Eagle....most successful rigger of all time

Eagles......... no doubt the world's fastest most successful R/C race boats!

This statement comes with the credentials to prove it. Not only have Eagles won National Championships in the USA, but proven itself a dominant contender by racers worldwide.

Eagles have won and still continue in this 2005 season to win National Championships in many countries around the Globe.

Eagle SG's and SGX's and the EagleX-1 have won with full "clean sweep" results in the last two World Championships dominating every hydro class both years, (2002 in Poland and 2004 in Slovenia).

It's been said that Eagles are great straight-a-way boats, and yes there is no denying that, just check out the CMDRACING 100 MPH Club.

Eagles are undeniably the fastest around the race course too. In 1999 John Brown captured three "Green Jackets" at the prestigious Indy Hydromasters by Top Qualifying in 3 out of 4 classes. This was a great accomplishment for Eagle SG's considering the high level of competition at this race that drew the top teams of the Crapshooter and Roadrunner camps.

Adding to this great Eagle success story is the high esteem that is held by world famous boaters towards the Eagle riggers.

Steve O'Donnell used a Picco 45 powered EagleSG to set the NAMBA 2-lap record at 17.1 seconds some 5 years ago and that record still stands today.

Veteran racer, record holder, boat designer, and R/C boat technical writer John Finch recently drove a Don Ferrette prepared SGX that sported an Andy Brown Mod. MAC 45. to an outstanding 17.2 second 1/3 mile oval record in the IMPBA organization.

On the flipside, Rookie boater Erik McNair drove a Nova .21 powered Eagle SG to a NAMBA 2-lap record over six years ago and the record too, still stands today.

Currently Eagle riggers hold more Oval and SAW records than any other brand. Eagle SG...

Eagle SGX...Eagle X-1.......nodoubt, the best. It's Proven!

Breaking News - Aug 29, 2005

MAC Headers are back in stock!

MAC Headers are back in stock for .21, .45, and .67. We are also making custom angles for your special projects; Straight, 5 degree, Left, Right, Up or Down. Just let us know what you need. These headers also fit CMB, some Picco's and Kalistratov's. Headers are machined from 6061-T6 Billet with an internal taper in the header tube. Made in the USA.

Breaking News - Jun 23, 2005

Junior Boaters Gift Certificates

Junior Boaters! We want to hear from you. Send us a pic of you and your newest boat project (or old one) and tell us about it. In return we'll send you a $30 gift certificate. We want to see your boat at CMDRACING.COM!

Please submit information by email to

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