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CDM Racing is always pushing the limits to deliver unsurpassed performance for those trail blazers that choose our products to raise the bar of their own performance capabilities. We would like to congratulate those competitors that represent our efforts by welcoming each one as an official member of the CMD Racing 100 MPH Club. Each member listed below has exhibited tremendous ability by officially breaking the once elusive 100 mph barrier. These fine competitors are examples of the high performance leaders that we look to lead our sport to higher plateaus.

CMD Racing recognizes the following outstanding performances of the following competitors.

Mike Nowicki 103.4 mph Nowicki hull/MAC 21

Tom van den Brink 105 mph 1-way pass SG/MAC 45

Will Gallagher 104.4 mph Twin SGX/MAC 84

Graham Latham 107mph Twin SGX/MAC 84

Team of John Finch & Don Ferrette 109.97 mph 21SG/MAC 45

Don Ferrette 108.22 mph 45SGX/MAC 84

Aaron Alberico 100 mph 67SG/CMB 67

Tony Grinter 100 mph 80SG/K-90

Eric Canto 105 mph Twin SG/MAC 84's
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Jeff Lutz 105 mph 45SG/CMB100

Joe Ingaro 110 mph 45SG/CMB 100

John Brown 110 mph SGX/MAC 67

Andy Brown 115 mph SGX/MAC 67

Andy Brown 125 mph SGX/MAC 84.

Andy Brown 114.4 mph Twin SG/MAC 84's.

Congratulations to one and all.

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